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Our Capabilities

VIL’s vast range of state of the art equipment, experienced staff and diverse technical expertise enable us to offer turnkey, bespoke and off the shelf solutions to clients needs. Take a look at some of our capabilities below.

Vacuum Interrupter Testing and Revalidation

The most common fault in vacuum interrupters is degradation of vacuum. VIL’s Revalidation Service enables us to test and inspect VI using original test data, detect vacuum levels whilst still sealed and thus re-certify old interrupters for a further period of service.

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Arc Control Design

The control of electrical arcs is fundamental to the vacuum interrupter and dominates the design of the device.

We have created a sophisticated laboratory which allows us to use 3D computer simulations of the arcing systems and high speed filming technology to film rapid prototype models of the contact geometries controlling and interrupting real currents of up to 40,000A…………

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3 D Printing

3D Printing…….

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Computer Aided Design

With a variety of top specification and fully supportedCAD packages including Solidworks, Infolytica Autocad and Inventor, VIL is able to produce innovative design technology drawings and specifications to meet cusomers bespoke demands.

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Finite Element Analysis

VIL are experts in the use of Finite Element Analysis Software to predict the behaviour of vacuum interrupters including Electrostatics, Magnetic and Mechanical Fatigue Analysis.

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Forensic Investigation

When it comes to VI Failures, VIL has a forensic investigations team who are able to do forensic testing to identify root cause failure analysis.

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